The Coat

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s post is all about the coat. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. Somehow, the more oversized and the more long the coat is, the better for me! This one particular is from a Czech brand called Pietro Filipi – and its label Silverline, which is created by Ivana Mentlová. I already have a LBD dress by Silverline. When I passed half of my final exams this month I needed to celebrate (haha) so I bought the black blouse, that I’m wearing in today’s outfit. Anyway, as I think, all of us consider ourself as shopaholics, I’ve decided to try on another things from that collection. So, I chose this coat – It’s actually perfect – great material, great fit, great style – love it all! So, now I have this coat in my closet – but I got it as a gift!

Anyway, I haven’t bought a lot of things recently, and I am always trying to remember my article about sustainable fashion. But when I wear this coat or anything else from local designers I know, that sometimes it is better to invest into something that will last and its actually local, so you support the local business.

Have a wonderful week, and tell me do you love the coat as I do?


I am wearing:

Coat – Pietro Filipi Silverline | Blouse – Pietro Filipi Silverline | Jeans – TopShop | Sneakers – Vagabond | Watches – Komono

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