Sunny London!

Have you ever tried to fight your fears? I mean we all are afraid of something – heights, spiders, flying… I’ve tried! I took a trip yesterday with the emirates airlines to Greenwich. I must say I was sweating the whole journey, but I survived! And I was so proud of myself.. because believe me I hate heights!

Anyway, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be in touch with you guys these days. But since I came back to London, I’ve got sick. So that’s why I couldn’t take any new outfit pictures – I just stayed home for whole 14 days! But one advantage – I’ve got a lot of time to think – and I’m starting to make my own mini collection!! Get excited!

Have a beautiful weekend!


I am wearing:

ZARA – turtleneck | LINDEX – culottes | Vagabond – Shoes | ZARA – bag

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