We all are part of the problem, make the change!

„Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. “

Coco Chanel

There is something wrong with the way how we live, how we eat, how we produce things… Some of us are blind, some of us don’t care, some of us feel that something isn’t right and some of us try to make a change.

I grew up in a little village, I lived there until my 16th birthday and then I moved to bigger town. My grandparents have their own garden (they harvest vegetables and fruits). I remember playing outside when I was a kid – running, jumping, screaming – having fun. I didn’t care about anything – I just wanted to play outside. After a couple of years, I’m sitting here, in the middle of London, in my apartment and thinking how different our world became since I was a kid. I don’t only mean internet – we have fast foods, fast fashion brands – everything seems to go faster and cheaper! But what is the hidden price? Have you ever wondered what is it behind those fast fashion brands? How come that we can buy so many clothes so cheap? What happened with the clothes that we put to a Charity, or just simply throw away?

The True Cost

What was the heart-breaking point for me? I’ve seen The True Cost document by Andrew Morgan. I knew that something wasn’t right about how the fashion industry worked. I heard and read about Rana Plaza, I participated in the Fashion Revolution. This document doesn’t only show the horrible conditions that the workers in countries like Cambodia have, but it shows what the fashion industry does to Earth.

Have you ever watched any document about how the Food industry work? For example, Food inc.? If not, please do. You’ll be surprised as much as I was, how similar these industries are. The True Cost doc shows how cotton is being produced. If you ever heard about the company Monsanto, you probably know what I am talking about. Anyway, to make the story short. The cotton farmers need to grow and harvest cotton in the shortest time possible, so the fast fashion companies can produce their clothing in such a fast way. That means the farmers need to use chemicals. When you work with such chemicals, this is a game changer and direct contact  results in some serious illness such as cancer. And that how it works, with everything.

I won’t tell the whole story presented in the document, so you can watch it yourself! Please do! It is worth it!

As fashion bloggers we are part of the problem! 

Probably the most terrifying realization was – I am part of the problem. I am the buyer. I am supporting those fast fashion companies, and I do not really think about those people who actually make my clothes. I’m sure, that most of us have the cravings for new things. We all love fashion, some of us (including me) don’t have tons of money to buy luxury things, so we go and buy “fast fashion” products. In general, that is not the problem. But when you look at the quantity of clothes you buy (or me, or anyone) – that is the problem. We buy so many clothes, than we throw it away. Sometimes, we buy it and don’t even wear it!

“It is really democratic to buy a t-shirt for 5$, a pair of jeans for 20$? They are making us believe that we are rich or wealthy because we can buy a lot. But in fact, they are making us poorer. And the only person who is becoming richer is the owner of the fast-fashion brand.”

Livia Firth (The True Cost movie)

Make a change, start with you!

I don’t see the remedy to be stopping buying from the fast fashion brands. I see it in realizing that someone out there is making your clothes. And you probably want to wear the clothes, that don’t kill people. I know now, I’ll be reading every single article about sustainable fashion, or how to make fashion toxic free. I’ll be keeping eyes on the companies that are trying to look after Earth and make things better. I’ll be buying my clothes from them.

One more thing – I will change myself!  I’ll go one (maybe more) month without buying any clothes from fast fashion brands.

I’m thinking more and more about those issues… I know fast-fashion brands are cheap – that is why we all buy clothes there. But… If you searched for local designers in your town, city, they probably wouldn’t have such high prices as you might have imagined and they might produce ecologically. Just an idea…

Beautiful fashion shouldn’t cost the earth.

If you would like to read more about this issue:

  1. Interview with Stella McCartney on BoF 
  2. Toxic Free Fashion – Greenpeace (See which brands are participating, and which are not!)
  3. The True Cost movie website

Thank you all for reading it until the end!

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