The Pencil Skirt

Another week, another start… So let’s be excited 🙂 I know, most of us hate Mondays, but actually there is something great about Mondays – new start, fresh start, we can do things differently (well, we can do that any day haha)… But you know what I mean! So, that is why this outfit is all about the pencil skirt. I don’t wear skirts often, I don’t wear colours often. Something new for me!

Since I published the article about “Detox Fashion, The True Cost movie and Sustainable Fashion”, I’ve been thinking what to do. What should be the change that I need to do – and I feel like I need to do something. I didn’t quite figure it out yet, but I will. Anyway, I know I wrote I won’t be buying any clothes for a month. But I bought one piece of sustainable clothes from Lindex. Just to see how it is. You know, I don’t really want to tell everyone to start buying sustainable or organic clothes before I do it myself – so let me test it and I’ll tell you how it is. Does anyone have an experience with sustainable, conscious or organic clothes? Please, share your experience with me… Would love to hear it!

I am wearing:

Skirt – ASOS | Top – H&M | Vest – Topshop | Sneakers – Vagabond

Have a beautiful start of the week!

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