Show Your Bare Face, because You Are Beautiful!

I have been thinking for a while about writing up a beauty post, one that would be focused on dealing with facial issues (mainly acne), those that we, as women, have. Who inspired me? Em Ford (My Pale Skin blog). I’m sure, you know her. A few weeks ago she posted a video, where she shows off her real face surrounded with a comments from social media… I’m not going to describe you what is in that video, but the main message is such – You are beautiful no matter what. The campaign is called #youlookdisgusting.

I, as many of you, have been struggling with acne for many years. I did try a lot of skin products, I spent a lot of money, but nothing has really worked. I remember those days when I felt ugly and just couldn’t look in the mirror or was so upset, thinking, why me? I couldn’t go out without make up on my face. After some years, you realize, you need to start loving yourself (even if you have a few spots on your face). When you accept yourself for who you really are and how you look, everyone around will instinctively do the same. So, do love yourself, because you are beautiful!

How to deal with acne – without spending tons of money

 Have you ever heard anything about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? TCM is based on traditions and medicine practices, that are more than 2000 years old. I came across TCM because of my aunt as she is studying it (except that she works with people as well – helping them with development of their personality). Anyway, it is a quite interesting to talk to someone who looks at the world from a different perspective.

To get to the point – I’m not going to describe everything, I’ll just tell you the important facts. How to avoid acne? Or how to fight it? It is simple. You just need to adjust your diet. TCM tries to prevent illness just by focusing on what you eat. It is because one needs to nourish his body in order to be healthy and to protect himself against illnesses (easier said than done).

What do you need to avoid?



Those 3 categories are the most important. I’ve been trying to avoid them for about three months – and I can already see the results! This food above in fact disrupts the digestive system, moisturizes your body (inside) and creates a perfect condition for acne.

I know it is kind of hard to just erase those things from your daily diet – especially when you are a cheese lover (and believe me, I used to be!), but it is very worth it. I have a few friends who tried it and they are relieved – they have found that something has actually worked.

Acne is not something that goes away during one night. It needs time. Your body needs time to heal and to start working properly. Knowing what you eat is a great way how to protect yourself and how to feel better, healthier, happier and how to actually start looking at things differently.

Everyone of us deserve it because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. But you have to believe it first, then everyone around you will follow…

So, don’t hide yourself behind tons of make-up… Feel free…


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