Seasonal Fruit Breakfast

Breakfast, personally, for me equals something sweet – most of the time :). I usually have a porridge or any other sweet and warm meal. During summer I do make “porridge” from millets. It is a nice change from oats (specially when you eat them every day). My favourite is this option. I love summer, mostly because of the fruits that we can have – I love, love, love strawberries and cherries even more! That is why I have came up with this quick recipe! It is super easy and so delicious. Just follow to recipe below. 

Ingredients: 1 portion / approximately 20 minutes
5 tablespoons of millet
a handfull of raspberries, strawberries and cherries (actually, you can adjust – if you are a fruit lover as me put a lot or the other way around)
goji (as much as you want)
teaspoon of chia seeds
teaspoon of black sesame
teaspoon of coconut spread
teaspoon of cinnamon 
date syrup

How to?

Before cooking the millet – infuse it with a hot water and then cook it for about 10 minutes. Be careful, you always need to have enough water in the pot. Add chia seeds, cinnamon, goji and raspberries. Cook it for 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes when the raspberries have broken up nicely – see the picture below – add a spoon of coconut spread (if you don’t have it, add coconut oil instead). After a while (few seconds) add black sesame, strawberries and date syrup to make it sweet. Cook the strawberries approximately 3 minutes. Don’t forget you always need to have a water in the pot – to make to juice from the fruit.  (See pictures!)

Serve after 3 minutes. Finish it with cherries and coconut chips!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!





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